Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost to plan a loft conversion?

The average UK architect fee in is around 10% of the build cost of your conversion. However our prices are open for discussion and we will ensure you get the best deal on the market.

Do you need an architect for a loft conversion?

You will need someone to provide architectural drawings for your loft conversion. Drawings are essential for building regulations approval, and construction drawings for your builders to work from. But a good architect like ourselves will do so much more than that.

Do you need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Usually when converting a loft you will not need to obtain planning permission as the majority of loft conversions will be within a home owner’s permitted development rights for loft conversions. However this is definitely something you should check. Get in touch if you’d like our assistance on this.

Can I draw my own plans for building regulations?

You can draw your own plans as long as you have the necessary training and knowledge. However this is highly not recommended as plans should be created by professionals.

How do I know if I can convert my loft?

The main concern for a loft conversion is headroom. To see whether your loft makes the grade, stand under the highest point of the roof which is usually in the centre of the loft. This will enable you to check whether there is at least 2.8m clear vertical space and if you loft is suitable.

What is the main purpose of architectural planning?

The main purpose of an architectural plan is determining the style and aesthetic of the project. Plans also ensure every last detail is shown. In terms of plans for loft conversions, the drawings explain to builders the scale of each section of the loft and allow them to do their job.

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